Sponsorship Information

Why does the Pensacola Invitational need sponsors?

We are committed to making the Pensacola Invitational free for students every year in line with our vision of providing as many people as possible the opportunity to test. In order to provide food for competitors and parents, print team and individual tests for six levels of math, purchase trophies for winning individuals and schools, rent tables and chairs for competitors, purchase t-shirts for volunteers, pay custodial staff on the day of the event, alongside maintain this website, we have to fundraise.

Where can I expect to see my logo if I donate?  

If you choose to donate on behalf of an organization, please send a PNG of your logo to pensacola.invitational@gmail.com. You can expect to see the logo of your organization on the annual t-shirts volunteers will wear, the schedules handed out on the day of the competition, the competition banner displayed in the auditorium, on Facebook posts about the competition, on this website, and mentioned by name before the presentation of awards.  

How can I donate?

If you decide to become a sponsor you can send a check to Pensacola High School (500 W Maxwell St, Pensacola, FL 32501) with a note to Holly Renaud (the competition supervisor). Cash donations would also be appreciated; please contact us if you are interested in this option.